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In a nutshell, we love cats, we love fun products and we love the earth, so we thought,  “How can we create the coolest cat toy that the world has ever known, in a way which minimizes waste and boosts local economy?

It is from these questions that The Great Green Cat Toy emerged.  Our "pet project" has quickly become a smashing success, and we have been delightfully overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response we have received.

The wealth of knowledge we have gained through our decades of interacting and playing with kitties has led us to conclude that the unique features of The Great Green Cat Toy genuinely make it one of the best cat toys found on the market today.  


Our venture is now based in PETaluma, California, where we live with our beloved kitty and product tester, Mielzabelle (Me-El-Zuh-Bell), who is featured on our demonstration video.


We are very excited to see cats and kittens (and their owners) throughout the globe enjoying our creation and look forward to hearing what your kitty thinks of our toy. Click here to order today!


Thank you again and happy playing!




Brooke Radloff and Tim Talbott

Cat Toy Extraordinares

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