Introducing The Great Green Cat Toy!

The Great Green Cat Toy is great for your kitty...
  • Our revolutionary design offers a mesmerizing play experience.  Unlike other cat toys with balls, which are see through and stationary, our solidly covered toy rotates during play.  This innovative design combination causes the balls to go in and out of your kitty's sight, sparking the desire to stalk, pounce, chase, paw and roll the toy.
  • The opening within the toy is wide enough for an average-sized kitty to fit its entire paw and arm into, but not wide enough for the balls to come out.  The toy is also large enough for your kitty to wrap its entire body around. These features will drive your kitty wild with excitement.
  • The weight and consistency of the wooden balls causes them to roll, bounce and ricochet from one end of the tube to the other.  This movement produces sounds and sights that catch your kitty's eyes, ears and instincts, leading to hours of exercise, play and challenge.  Click here to see our interactive cat toy in action!
  • The toy has a safe design with no batteries or small, breakable pieces to worry about.
  • Our toy offers room for creativity.  Add catnip or your kitty's favorite mouse to further entice play and excitement. The possibilities are endless!  Click here to order online today!

The Great Green Cat Toy is great for the planet...
  • Our toy is made from recycled and reusable materials, is completely recyclable and is 90% biodegradable.
  • Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper using soy based inks.
  • Our toy supports local economy as it is manufactured in the US and all materials are made in the US.
  • Our shrink wrap packaging is also recyclable.
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